Busy as a bee getting ready to fly to Vegas where we will shoot with Naughtia and another HOT girl or two.  Wanted to post here before leaving and as usual I'm scrambling to get my shit together, not sure if i will have another blog post but I have updates scheduled for every day while I'm away, so outside of my words of wisdom here it is business as usual.

As you can see, it's a Goddess Samantha day, as I have added a new clip and gallery featuring her.  Samantha is one of our favorite Dommes so this should make for a great day for all those who adore her.  She does love face sitting and her ass is like a weapon, when she sits on a slaves face he literally has put his life in her, uh, ass cheeks?!

We are off to Vegas in a week for some more shooting with Naughtia, and another new Girl or too.  Should be a fun time, but at the moment busy getting ready for the trip.

Holy friggin shit, the days go bye way to quick, could have swore I spoke hear like yesterday, lol!  Trying to think what is exciting enough to share besides fucking three guys up the ass with a strap-on all within a few hours, a few days back.  Guys, learn how to properly clean your man-cunts if you want a girl to fuck you because there is nothing worse than my 'dick' coming out dirty.  Barf!  Two of my little bitches were prepared, number 3 not so much.  I have one slave that has a thing for his hot step-sister and I have actually exchanged texts with her so who knows where this might go.

Well, things have been busy as usual, today I took a tranny slave out for a little shopping spree, one of my fave things to do.  He was not in femme which makes it so much more fun holding skirts and dresses up against him, saying how I think something will look cute on him and then whisking him off to the change room.  It turns a few heads but surprisingly not that many... the whole world is more desensitized it seems, or hopefully more accepting.